MAGYC is a web service portal dedicated to MultiwAvelenght GalaxY Clusters.

Webservices include search for optical and near infrared potential clusters in survey data with redshift estimate, cutouts of SZ and Xray maps, conesearch in Galaxy Cluster catalogs and Observatory logs. Functionalities are evolving and will be updated with incoming datasets. Necessary inputs are positions and search radius.

The portal is currently based on SDSS DR12 data, Planck 2015 ymap, Rosat all sky survey, SZDB, MCXC, Wen12 cluster catalogs and XMM, Chandra and HST logs (see full references in the Credits tab) . It is based on the multiwavelenght expertise of the IAS and OCA teams and uses VO standards and tools such as UWS, TAP, Vizier and Sitools.

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